The 2nd Breadalbane Deliberation

The Breadalbane Deliberation (2.0)  
Eden3 – Future Forest, Black Wood, Rannoch
A Black Wood Residency and Gaelic place name deliberation, August 2015
Developed with artist Anne Benson, architect Bob Benson and anthropologist Jo Vergunst.
Initial Gaelic language translation by Beathag Mhoireasdan.
At Dall Mill on the edge of the Black Wood in Rannoch Scotland. The center piece of this work was a 3 meter x 3 meter map with over 1000 translations of Gaelic place names presented in the Dall Mill Chalet. This exhibition and workshop in Rannoch is one of four planned dialogues in the region with anyone willing share their experience of place and their understanding of life, nature and culture amongst the loch, the hills and the glens of Rannoch. (Extensive audio and video work is still being edited.)

An intensive Residency at Dall Mill at the edge of the Black Wood in Rannoch.

An intensive exhibition and residency at Dall Mill at the edge of the Black Wood in Rannoch; focused on landscape meaning and naming in the region. Reiko working first thing in the morning on comments from the day before.

The Benson’s and visitors considering the Deliberation video with language experts talking about Rannoch place names which was recorded at Summerhall in June.

This large map initially created for the Sylva Caledonia exhibition deliberation... was the focus of the deliberation.

This large map,with standard OS Gaelic place names, initial English translation and the landscape it refers to was the focus of the deliberation.

The poster.

The poster.