Plein Air 2.0: Spirit In the Air

We have become  increasingly aware that access to and control of the system can be important pathways to empathy. To consider the context, to choose the leaf and to attend to the output is a powerful experience. 

Concept: Spirit in the Air is the second artwork in the Plein Air series. It is currently in the design and mock up phase. It consists of a battery powered sensor and sound system with a hand-held leaf chamber. This artwork will enable performative/creative and choregoraphed ‘field work’. The leaf chamber has been redesigned so that the performer’s hand and the tree’s leaf are intertwined, a series of gestures concentrate attention on the human/tree relationship. The challenge on this project is to develop a sound system, which reacts to the tree but is controlled by the performer, and fills a forest or pubic park with sound. We are currently experimenting with various wood wind instruments and bag pipes for this critical element of the project.

With this project, we continue to investigate and elucidate inter-relationship and potential for empathic exchange with trees.

SpiritintheAirFINAL from timothy collins on Vimeo.